Guidance Education

General objective

Guidance education forms part of the French curriculum and is given to scholars from Grade 7 to Grade 12 to assist them in making educational decisions based on their personal attributes, aptitudes, aspirations and living environments.

Areas explored

  • Identification of each student’s fields of interest and talents.
  • Development of self-representation.
  • Discovering professions and trades, and training and employment opportunities.
  • Work on socio-professional environment.

Objectives in Middle School

The skills and knowledge outcome at the end of Middle school are:

  • Knowledge of self.
  • Knowledge of the various educational structures at school.
  • Knowledge and first experience in the professional world.

Objectives in High School

  • Developing their own guidance projects.
  • Pursueing the discovery of professions and the required training.
In High School we offer assistance in information and enrollment procedures for further studies.
(For further information go to:
  • At the media centre (CDI) an area is dedicated to Guidance with documents and computer programs for students’ use.
  • A partnership with Campus France to promote French higher education programs (details). Contact: Chrisna Bekker – / 012 425 1721
  • In civic education throughout Middle School, students learn about various aspects of daily life and are encouraged to understand work within these daily parameters.
  • The school offers visits to companies for students in 7th, 8th and 9th grade, eg factories, architectural firms, etc.
  • Short-term work placements, followed by a written report and presentation before a jury (8th and 10th grade students).
  • A careers fair at the school that includes presentations by professionals.
  • A week-long visit to the school by a Guidance Counselor. (Information given to students, teachers, families and individual sessions with the counselor).
  • Individual assistance in grade 10 (support, improvement, guidance).
  • Consultation on academic practices regarding guidance at all teaching levels.
  • Setting up a School Life Council.
  • 10th grade student testimonies on the various subjects and fields of study at the school.
  • Teachers’ presentation of the various specific subjects in 12th grade.
  • Professionals’ visit and presentation in the framework of the Lunch talks discussing employment in Finance, Law, Health, etc.
  • Visit and presentations by representatives of Grande Ecoles (French specialized universities/colleges) and South African universities (WITS, UCT) in the framework of the University talks.
  • Former students’ presentation of their Higher Education studies.
  • Organization of the SESAME contest (common contest for 7 Business Schools) within the school. See the registration procedures.
  • Setting up an examinations centre for the Cambridge University certifications.

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