Pretoria Christmas party

Fashion show – Pretoria
December 14, 2017
Baby fishes in MS B classes !
January 12, 2018

Pretoria Christmas party

This Friday 15 December, all the pupils of the school gave a small concert in the school yard. Thanks to the many parents who came to listen to them.

From 9am, Santa Claus went around classes. What a joy to welcome him! As all the students were wise this year, he had with him a big bag full of gifts: The PS MS GS  each received a book in English, as well as treats, and students from CP to CM2 treats too! Thank you Santa Claus!

For the last part of this magical morning, all the students were able to attend a wonderful magic show, proposed by Trevor Duffy! A happy moment of laughter and surprises!

Happy holidays to all,



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