Financial Aid

LFJV students can benefit from the following scholarship funds available for their education:


This financial aid is reserved for French children living abroad.
The scholarship helps to cover, depending on the resources, all or part of the school fees. See the AEFE’s explanatory brochure: Scholarship
Application and renewal forms for financial aid are available at the reception of the Lycée Jules Verne or at the French Consulate. Completed forms must be submitted/returned at the Consulate.
To make an appointment, the Consulate can be contacted on 011 778 5600.

The committee meets twice a year:
• In May, to determine requests for financial aid for the next school year. Applications can be submitted from February onwards.
• In October/November, to discuss applications of newly-enrolled students in the current school year. Applications can be submitted upon enrolment.

Opening dates for the receipt of applications and scholarship campaigns are communicated in the ‘Friday News’ and are available on this page of the site.


The School Board provides partial financial assistance to students enrolled at the Jules Verne School, regardless of their nationality.
Depending on resources, financial assistance is distributed according to the needs of each family.
This award is annual.
The commission meets in June, in order to provide scholarships for the next school year.
Application forms are available online or at the front desk, and must be returned duly completed, at the front desk of the school or be sent to the Social Committee:

Opening dates for the receipt of applications and scholarships campaign are broadcast in the ‘Friday News’ and are available on this page of the site.


For the fifth consecutive year, the company TOTAL has generously provided a Merit-based Scholarship to support the school fees of middle school and/or high school students of South African nationality.
For the school year 2016-2017, TOTAL has supported part of the fees of 5 students selected primarily for their academic achievements, their commitment to the school’s principles and to the financial situation of their families.
Globally, during these 5 last years, TOTAL provided partial financial assistance to more than 20 students. Thanks to this generous global support, which represents more than R 800 000, all these students were able to continue focusing in their studies at LFJV.
On behalf of the beneficiary students, we thank the company TOTAL for its faithful support during those past 5 years. Hoping that this experience will find an extension for future generations and that it will motivate other partners.