Frequently Asked Questions

For the bilingual grades, from the small section (PS) to grade 5 (CM2), teaching is done half in French and half in English. For the rest of the grades, except for the teaching of foreign languages (English, German and Spanish) and fine arts, classes are taught in French. The language of communication between students and teachers is French or English, depending on the subject taught. Students may speak French or English amongst themselves.
Your support, motivation and encouragement are absolutely essential to guide your child in embarking on a bilingual education. However, it is not necessary that parents speak or understand both languages taught to your child.
Your child may only join the school in the Small Section (approximately 3 years old) in our bilingual education system. Support measures are offered to assist in learning French. The student can thereafter continue his/her school career until grade 12 (the year of the baccalaureate).
The Lycée Français Jules Verne educates students with more than 55 different nationalities. Approximately 50% of students are French, 18% South African and 32% have other nationalities.
Canteen attendance is compulsory. The canteen provides, at a reasonable price, hot meals that consist of three well-balanced courses. Each week’s menu is available on our website for viewing.
All French schools part of the Agency for French teaching abroad (AEFE) as well as any school in France admit students from the Lycée Jules Verne without an admission test. They will continue their schooling at their grade level.
Pre-and primary school: 8am to 2.15pm
Middle and high school: 8am to 3.45pm or 5.30pm
After-care is available for pre- and primary school students from 2.15pm to 5 pm Mondays to Thursdays and from 12pm to 4pm on Fridays.
The Lycée has an on-site nurse who can attend to your child. Many staff members have first-aid training too. It is essential to provide the school with your child’s medical information upon registration, especially if it involves allergies. It is essential to provide us with all the telephone numbers where parents can be reached. Please remember to inform the school of any change in contact details during the year.
The school year starts at the beginning of September and ends at the end of June. It consists of 36 weeks of school. The school schedule is available online.
If students arrive from another contracted French school, they are directly admitted within the number of places available. Any other situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
The teachers organize field trips to tie in with their classes and educational projects, as well as to give students the opportunity to discover sites in Johannesburg or other regions of South Africa. These trips may be to the theatre, exhibitions or shows.
Approximately 57% of our teachers are certified by the French National Education Ministry. All other teachers are duly qualified. All teachers regularly attend in-service training courses.
In the pre-and primary school teachers organize small group sessions in the classroom to assist students.
In the middle- and high school teacher-supervised study sessions are provided to students in grade 6 to assist them with their homework.
In the pre-and primary school all exercise books and textbooks are provided by the school.
In the middle- and high-school textbooks are also provided by the school for the entire school year.
In addition to French, the Lycee Jules Verne teaches English, German and Spanish. Initiation to Latin is offered in grade 7 (5ème) but is optional in grade 8 and 9.
Tuition fees of non-French nationals are to be paid by their parents according to the terms and conditions set out on our website.