School insurance

The school subscribes to an insurance through a collective contract with the CGEA.
The fees are included in the school fees. The guarantees and conditions explanatory leaflet can be downloaded here. The Option A has been subscribed to by the school.
For more details or for an insurance claim, please contact Valérie Rudman.

Stationary lists for 2014-2015 school year

Pre-primary school

Johannesburg Pretoria
pdf Petite section pdf Petite section
pdf Moyenne section pdf Moyenne section
pdf Grande section pdf Grande section

Primary school

Johannesburg Pretoria
pdf 1st Grade pdf 1st Grade
pdf 2nd Grade pdf 2nd Grade
pdf 3rd Grade pdf Grade 3
pdf Grade 4 pdf Grade 4
pdf Grade 5 pdf Grade 5


Middle School High School
pdf Classe de 6ème pdf Classes de 2nde, 1ère et Tale
pdf Classe de 5ème
pdf Classe de 4ème
pdf Classe de 3ème