Extra curricular activities

The extra curricular activities include:


Dancing and Drama

Sports and Leisure

Artistic Expression and Creative Arts

Objective of extra-curricular activities

The objective of these activities is to stimulate children in areas outside of their compulsory activities in the education system. The high standard of activities offered is within the perimeter of the school’s infrastructure and hours and in as much as the coach or teacher’s schedule allows it.
Teachers and coaches’ roles are to develop each child’s potential in a positive and encouraging environment to gain self-confidence by succeeding in another way and in a different setting.
Through team and individual activities, relationships between students are strengthened.

Schedule and registration for Johannesburg and Pretoria

Students are required to register for extra-curricular activities at the beginning of each school year and can re-assess their decision after the first semester.
The AES schedule will be available online from Monday 3rd September 2018 on your Eduka portal (with your passwords) https://eduka.lyceejulesverne-jhb.net/

Registrations will be open from Monday, September 3rd, 2018 at 5 pm – until Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 5 pm.
Extra-curricular activities will start on Monday, September 17th.

Extra-curricular activities rates for 2018-2019: Extra curricular activities rates_2018-2019
Extra-curricular activities terms and conditions for 2018-2019: Extra-curricular activities terms and conditions 2018-2019

Tutorial document to help you in the registration process: online registration process on Eduka 2018-2019

Information and contact details

Vanessa Bezuidenhout, coordinator of extra-curricular activities, is at your disposal every afternoon:
– Monday to Thursday from 12am to 4pm
– Friday from 12am to 2pm
Vanessa can also be contacted by email : activities@lyceejulesverne-jhb.net