After-School Care

After-School Care For The Pre And Primary School

The school offers a service that includes daycare and homework preparation.

After-care rules

  • Daycare service is offered to Pre-school and primary school
    – Monday to Thursday : From 2.15pm to 5pm
    – Friday : from 12am to 4pm
  • The aftercare finishing at 5pm from Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday, every parents are requested to make sure that their children are picked up at the latest at 5pm during the week and 4pm on Friday.
  • For security reasons, new School exit rules are effective as of Monday the 04th of September:
    We thank the responsible parents or adults in charge of the children to wait at the gate the exit of the pupils which will be done at the following times
    2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 and 5:00.
    A supervisor will welcome you to the gate and will note the student’s name(s) and first name(s).
    At the above hours only (2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm), students will be accompanied to the gate by a supervisor of Pre and primary-school
    The pupils will be handed over to the parents or person in charge after signing the daycare register.

Please note that it is compulsory to sign the register when pupils leave the campus.
Taxis drivers (Cool cabs, School Link… or any other independent driver) who come to pick up pupils have to present their driver card and a clipboard mentioning the name and the password of pupils.

Daycare Schedule

Homework preparation takes place from Monday to Thursday from 14h45 to 15h30 and is compulsory for children registered for daycare.

Homework Preparation will start on Monday the 18th of September – as extra-curricular activities.

In accordance with the school rules voted at the last school counsil of 25 June 2017, snacks provided to pupils on extra-curricular time will now be provided by families.

As much as possible, please provide a small snack and drink, which pupils will bring in their school bags.

Attention: For Friday activities, since the canteen is not opened for pre-school and primary learners on Fridays, Parents will have to prepare a cold sufficient meal and leave it in their child’s bag.

Daycare Daily rates

  • Free supervision of children from 14h15 to 14h30
  • R50.00 per student per day for after-care which includes daycare and homework preparation – except for Fridays.
  • In case of extra-curricular activities, daycare is not charged BEFORE the activity
    AFTER the activities, daycare is charged 15mn after the end of the activity : 25R per student per day (fixed unit price)
    In case of cancellation of the activity (absence of the coach or bad weather), the pupil is taken care of by the daycare supervisors – the same invoicing rules will apply:
    Daycare is not charged BEFORE the activity
    AFTER the activities, daycare is charged 15mn after the end of the activity : 25R per student per day (fixed unit price)
  • Beyond the normal open hours (5pm from Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday), overcharging will be applied : R20.00 per student per day

Information – Contact details

Ms Céline Addey can be reached at her office :

  • Monday to Thursday : from 2pm to 5pm
  • on Fridays : from 12pm to 4pm.

You can also reach her by email at: