Institutional School Calendar

The institutional School Calendar of Lycée Jules Verne is always available. This calendar is updated regularly with new events, meetings or rendez-vous.

School Holidays

  • First day of school at the Johannesburg and Pretoria campus: Thursday 1st September 2016
  • Mid-term break: from Wednesday 19th October 2016 after school until Monday 31st October 2016 morning
  • Christmas holidays: from Thursday 15th December 2016 after school until Monday 9th January 2017 morning
  • Mid-term break: from Friday 24th February 2017 after school until Wednesday 8th March 2017 morning
  • Easter holidays: from Wednesday 26th April 2017 after school until Wednesday 10th May 2017 morning
  • Long holidays: Friday 30th June 2017 after school (provided the secondary school exams are finished)
  • Public holidays:
    Friday 16th December 2016 (Day of Reconciliation)
    Tuesday 21st March 2017 (Human Rights Day)
    Friday 14th April 2017 (Good Friday)
    Monday 17th April 2017 (Family Day)
    Thursday 27th April 2017 (Freedom Day)
    Be careful: 16th of June is a public holiday in South Africa but French school pupils have school.
  • Provisional School Calendar 2017-2018 : School calendar 2017-2018 English Provisional